In the fall of 2019, BoxyCharm was preparing to up their game by introducing several new features to subscription packages, including Choice, Complexion Swatching, Add-ons, and Pop-Up E-commerce stores. This was a big bet with a lot of moving parts and it had to be done right. That meant an overhaul of the company’s brand book and style guide.

The font, Poppins, came under review first. I redefined our type treatment and styles, pushing for bolder styles across our creatives. I added an accent color (medium pink) to our palette, which gave the BoxyCharm brand a little extra charm. After a full assessment, the 2.0 version of BoxyCharm’s brand book was rolled out for company-wide implementation



IT's poppins' & It's bold


Poppins bold

It's poppin's & it's bold, but bit a smaller.


Poppins Regular

Event details and info that our Charmers need to know.

Call Out

Poppins bold

For CTA stuff like that. SIS.

Body Small

Poppins Lights

Mostly discloumers, so don't hold us to it.













About Me

My interest in digital design began at age 14, when I taught myself Adobe After Effects on my family’s desktop computer. With only 512mb of ram, it was an arduous task. I eventually moved on to better hardware and more sophisticated design programs. I made great friends with cameras and video equipment.

I have photographed more than 30 music festivals, including Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and Tomorrowland. I also enjoyed a side hustle/passion project in stage lighting, and served as the Lighting Director for more than 20 concerts at a variety of venues.

I am a self-starter. I have a 100% hands-on approach when it comes to both my personal and professional projects to make sure that my vision comes to life. Outside of my creative endeavors, I spend time in the great outdoors, travel as much as possible (pre-pandemic, of course!), tackle extreme capers like highline, and will try anything else that expands my world view.

Born and raised in Michigan. Lived the LA life for 5 years. Currently kicking it in Florida, but willing to go just about anywhere for the next great adventure. ​